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Chemco Products Company is  a leading supplier of detergents, sanitizers, specialty chemicals, equipment,  and in-plant technical services to the Food, Dairy, and Beverage Manufacturing Industries.

The Chemco Team of Trained Technical Specialists will have the following responsibilities in every Food Processing Plant that we are servicing:


Sanitation and GMP Audits will be conducted at regular intervals. The purpose of this is to identify program deficiencies. If deficiencies are identified, your Chemco Representative will recommend solutions to correct them immediately. Follow-up training for the food processing employees is an imperative part of the audit process. Identifying possible deficiencies, proposing solutions, and training the employees will safeguard any possible food safety issues.

Chemical Safety Training Programs will be conducted to promote safe handling of sanitation chemicals. Members of your Chemco team will conduct in-plant training on proper chemical handling techniques, Material Safety Data interpretation, and emphasize the importance of understanding all labeling directions.

  • Proper selection of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) will be included in the Training Programs. Employees must understand how to protect themselves.

A program for minimizing Cross Contamination will be introduced. Minimizing cross contamination between the floor and product contact surfaces must be accomplished. Employee foot traffic, forklift and pallet jack traffic can contribute to contaminating the food processing plant.

  • Chemco Team Members will introduce proper cleaning and sanitizing techniques.
  • Propose door foaming sanitizing systems that reduce cross contamination in your facility and advise of proper traffic pattern design.   

A Hand Sanitizing Program will be introduced.  "Food Safety" can be compromised by poor employee hand hygiene.  Good Manufacturing Practices can be maintained by utilizing highly effective hand-washing and sanitizing products and an extensive hand hygiene training program.

  • Chemco Products will provide Antimicrobial Hand Soaps, Hand Sanitizers, Dispensing Equipment and Employee Training to protect your food product.

To produce "Safe Food" all food processing equipment must be properly cleaned and sanitized.  If equipment is not properly maintained, this can provide an environment that can lead to biofilm formation and potential product contamination.

Your Chemco Team of Technical Specialists will provide top quality cleaners and sanitizers, innovative chemical dispensing and application equipment and full instructional training on proper chemical application techniques.


Conveyor Chain Lubrication is a Specialty of Chemco Products Company.  If your Food Processing Facility has table top or case conveyor chains, we have the appropriate conveyor lubricant for the application.  Our soap-based or synthetic lubricants with or without microbiocidal protection will improve your production efficiencies while protecting the conveyor chains and motors from wear and tear.

Chemco's Engineering Department can design and install a fully automated conveyor chain lubrication system as per your facility's requirements.   

Additional Services Provided
  • 24 hour Technical Assistance
  • Performance Checks on all Systems
  • Chemical Feed Equipment Inspections
  • Custom Master Sanitation Guides/including procedures, GMP's, MSDS's
  • In-Plant and Classroom Instruction
  • Inventory Control & Budgeting
  • Container sizes from Bulk shipments, Tote bins, to pint bottles
Support Personnel
  • Research and Development Chemists/Custom Product Blending
  • Trained Microbiologists
  • CIP Programmers and System Analysts
  • Food Processing Sanitation Specialists
  • Systems Engineering Department
  • Chemical Feed & Control, Design and Installation