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The Metal Finishing Division offers quality chemicals and service to OEMS and Job Shops. 
Chemco Products takes pride in the fact that many of the current customers have been
with us for more than 25 years. This is due to the fact that we have been capable of
providing a high quality pretreatment to receive their wet paint or powder coating.

The Metal Finishing Division has seen many changes in the industry in recent years. 
Many of those changes have been dictated by the EPA and/or OSHA.  We have always
been able to respond and keep our customers abreast of the latest technological
developments without sacrificing their product quality.  Another major change in the
Metal Finishing industry has been the challenge to cope with the variations in soils and
metallurgy. This has been a major issue since the sources of many of the metals used today
are imports. We can and have met with all of these challenges!

The Product offering is very broad.  Chemco Products offers all types of Cleaners for various metal surfaces:  Cleaner Additives to enhance cleaning ability, Iron and Zinc Phosphate Coatings to produce a paint bonding conversion coating, and Sealers to enhance corrosion resistance.  A chrome-free line of products is also available to comply with environmental concerns.

A Closed-Loop product line is also available for the clients who have a need or desire not to use the public sanitary sewer system. This process is an integrated system that will extend the life of the working solutions through integration of all aspects of the finishing process.

The Metal Finishing Division’s product line also includes lubes and oils, paint booth coatings, de-flocculants, strippers, and specialty cleaning solvents.  All types of Control and Feed Equipment are also available to increase efficiencies in the Pretreatment Process.

The Metal Finishing Divisions Technical Sales and Service Representatives are a group of highly skilled and dedicated individuals with many years of experience in the field. They are all well versed in the selection of the appropriate product line and are dedicated to helping the customer produce the highest quality product.