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CleanersCleaning the metal surface prior to the finishing process can be accomplished

  • Alkaline or Acid formulas
  • Liquid or powdered products
  • High, medium and low temperature products

       Chemical Applications:

  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Spray and Immersion
  • Steam and High Pressure

Cleaner AdditivesAdditives are added to a metal finishing solution to boost the detergency of the working solution. Cleaning additives enhance the cleaning on difficult to remove soils, oils, and other surface contaminants.  Line production efficiencies can be increased by the improved rinsability and an increase in the production line speed with the addition of the appropriate Cleaner Additive.

Choose an additive for your application:

  • Alkaline Additives
  • Acid and Phosphate Additives
  • High, Medium and Low temperature Additives

Phosphate CoatingsPhosphates are designed to produce a paint bonding conversion coating to enhance corrosion resistance, and to improve adhesion for paint or powder coating.

Iron and Zinc Phosphates are available.  Zinc Phosphates provide a much greater resistance to corrosion, and are used when there is a demand for extended corrosion protection.  Due to environmental restrictions the use of zinc has been greatly reduced.

Choose from our KOTE line of Iron Phosphates:

  • Cleaner/coater phosphates containing a detergent system
  • Multi-metal phosphates for steel, zinc and aluminum
  • Phosphates without a detergent system for best performance
  • One-step steam clean and phosphating compound
  • Liquid and dry compounds

Zinc Phosphates are used on steel and zinc metal surfaces.  Select from the following:

  • Paint pretreatment zinc phosphates
  • Heavy zinc phosphates for wear resistance, oil absorption, and frictional applications
  • Calcium modified formulas

       The Phosphate Coating Line is available in:

  • High, Medium and Low Temperature formulas
  • Spray and Immersion Applications

SealersSealers are used to enhance corrosion resistance and improve adhesion on most phosphated metals. Our most common sealers are non-chrome types.

DeoxidizersDesigned specifically to remove oxides from aluminum surfaces to provide an acceptable metal condition for a conventional conversion coating.  Also prepares the surface for other operations such as welding.

       Deoxidizers are available in:

  • Non-Chrome and Conventional Formulas

Chrome Free Products – These products are designed to comply with environmental concerns for the Metal Finishing Industry while providing outstanding performance for pre-paint treatment.

Black Oxides – This type of product produces a black iron conversion coating on steel and stainless steel surfaces.  Reasons for using Black Oxides:

  • The coating produces a very attractive black finish on metal surfaces
  • Corrosion protection is evident when coupled with a sealer
  • No dimensional change is evident to the metal part
  • Hot alkaline formulas are very economical
  • Suitable for wear resistant applications

Closed Loop System Products – This product line is designed to help those customers who have a need or a desire not to use the public sanitary sewer system.  The closed loop process is an integrated system that will extend the life of the working solutions.  This is accomplished through integration of all aspects of the finishing process, such as: equipment, water, chemicals, service, in-house controls, etc.

       Choose from these Closed Loop Chemistries:

  • Cleaners for Make-up and Replenishment
  • Phosphates for Make-up and Replenishment
  • Conventional aluminum treatment for Make-up and Replenishment

Paint Booth Products – This product line is designed to improve the operation of paint booths by detackifying paint particles atomized in the spraying of paints.  The most common names for these products are coagulants and deflocculants.   Also used in paint booth operations are defoamers to suppress foaming which interferes with good treatment of the over sprayed paint.  Lastly, this product line includes peelable coatings which improve visibility within the paint booth by reflecting light.

       Contact us for more information about these products:

  • Paint Detackifier
  • Defoamer
  • Peelable Coatings

Strippers – Strippers are used to remove paint or other organic coatings from metal parts, hooks and hangers.  This allows parts to be salvaged and hanging devices to be reused.

       Strippers are available for:

  • Hot or Cold applications
  • Use with Steel, Aluminum or Galvanized Metals

Lubricants & Oils – These products are available for use with steel, aluminum and many other types of metals.  Select from the following types of oils and lubricants:

  • Drawing Lubricants
  • Grinding Coolants
  • Soluble Oils
  • Stamping Lubricants
  • Synthetic and Semi-synthetic Cutting Fluids
  • And more…

BCI Products Line – Chemco Products Company is a distributor for Bulk Chemicals Incorporated.  BCI is the manufacturer of an excellent line of specialty chemicals for the treatment of metals prior to painting.  This line of chemicals will provide enhanced corrosion protection on painted metal surfaces. They are especially renowned for their Chrome-Free patented technology for the aluminum and extrusion industries. 

Please click on the Link to learn more about Bulk Chemicals Incorporated.