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Once a determination has been made for the chemicals required to meet the specific
needs of the customer, it is the Metalworking Group's practice to submit a written
proposal which will include specifics for the operation, product bulletins, and material
safety data sheets.

During the start-up of a new account, it is our policy to work with the customer until
the optimum operating parameters are determined to insure maximum quality at a
minimum cost. Once this has been determined our technical sales/service representative
will train the responsible plant personnel how to control and maintain the process.

Our technical sales and service representatives will make routine service calls to check the process and to answer any questions the line operator or management might have regarding the chemical treatment. All Metalworking representatives are well versed in the proper selection, control, and servicing of our products.

Teamwork and dedication are practiced within the Metalworking group.  Our philosophy is "Clients for Life." There is no account too large or too small for our sales/service staff. 

Typical Services Are:

  • System review and process check
  • Product recommendations and literature
  • Supply testing equipment
  • Provide training on solution control and process maintenance
  • Provide a complete Operations Manual, including log sheets, etc
  • Intensive start up services and routine service checks
  • Chemical Safety, and Handling Training
  • Feed & Control equipment recommendations
  • Conductivity Analyzer/Controllers - are used to measure the conductivity of a chemical solution. Electronic probes or electrodes measure the conductivity and signal the metering pump when a chemical addition is necessary.
  • pH Analyzers - This device measures the pH of an Acid or Alkaline solution. Recording devices are also available.
  • Metering Pumps - Many types and manufacturers of metering pumps are available. The metering pump controls the feed rate and the amount of chemical to be added to the solution.
  • Please refer to the Engineering Department section of the Website for information on the Vendor List for Feed and Control Equipment