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Heavy Duty Degreasers:
Low V.O.C. cleaners designed to remove oil and grease from all painted and unpainted surfaces
Mild Alkaline Cleaners:
Designed for steam cleaning & degreasing of heavy oils from offshore platform decks, cellar units, floors & walls, and all types of drilling equipment
Natural Solvent Degreasers:
High foaming cleaners designed to remove heavy oils without the use of petro-chemical solvents, harsh alkalis or other toxic chemicals.
Ready to Use Detergents: 
Designed to remove oils and greases from hard surfaces such as concrete, painted or unpainted surfaces. These products are exempt from A.Q.M.D. record keeping due to the low V.O.C. levels.
Concentrated Detergents:
Designed to be diluted on-site through foaming units for heavy-duty degreasing. The advantage is less storage space is required for the chemical and the cost of shipping is less.

Sweetening and
de-oiling Detergents:

Designed for use in Chem-Cleaning of heavy crude in Coker Units, Crude Units, FCC, HDS, Hydrocracker, and clean up operations.
Asphalt Release Products:
Designed to remove heavy oils and grease from all surfaces. Completely biodegradable and will satisfy Environmental Regulatory Compliance goals with out sacrificing performance.
Odor Control Products:
Concentrated liquid compounds designed to neutralize and eliminate odors. Complies with all V.O.C. Regulatory Guidelines under Rule 1171, is safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. Designed to be used through a Misting System, Vacuum Truck Exhaust Systems, Drains, Grease Traps, Sumps, or wherever foul odors exist. These products neutralize H2S odors very effectively.