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Portable Sanitation

The Food and Beverage Division of Chemco Products is committed to providing the highest
level of technical expertise along with the most complete line of specialty chemicals for the
Food, Dairy and Beverage Processing marketplace. Chemco's #1 priority is the cleanliness of
your facility and the complete satisfaction of your consumer.

Chemco Products can assist you in always producing "Safe Food" by allowing us the opportunity
to introduce you to our Comprehensive Sanitation Program:
1st - A dedicated team of Trained Technical Specialists will be assigned to your facility. They
have been fully trained in chemical usage and application. They have expertise in all types of
chemical dispensing equipment and they will assist you with all phases of Plant Sanitation. They will
act as a member of your team.
2nd - Chemco provides the highest quality cleaners and sanitizers which will guarantee solutions to any type of sanitation
problems that can arise. The Team of Trained Technical Specialists will identify the most effective and cost efficient chemical cleaning program to assure that your plant is soil free and that all microbial challenges have been addressed.
3rd - Chemco Products offers a complete line of dependable equipment to meet all of the facilities chemical application and dispensing needs. Chemco's Engineering Department can design and install any type of chemical feed and control equipment that you might need. This could be anything from a central foaming and sanitizing system to a microprocessor controlled chemical allocation system. We design Custom Systems to meet your facilities needs.
4th - Employee Training in your facility is the final component of the Comprehensive Sanitation Program . The Chemco team will thoroughly train all the food processing employees in your plant on SOP's, GMP's, HAACP, safe sanitation practices, and chemical safety. Training will be the highest priority, and will be accomplished both "Hands On" in the production facility, and in a classroom setting.