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An integral part of any successful water treatment program includes service and support. 
Chemco has been providing quality products and services as part of our programs for over
35 years.  We realize that what separates us from other water treatment companies is the
additional value or benefits we bring to our programs.  Our philosophy is that there are a
lot of chemical companies that can provide chemical formulations, but you, our customer
need to receive the maximum return on every chemical dollar you spend.  With this in mind
our water treatment programs incorporate the highest degree and technical support and
expertise available in the water treatment market.

Typical Water Treatment Services Incorporated into the programs we manage include:

  • Training of Personnel
  • In-plant monitoring and audits of our customers systems
  • Corrosion Monitoring
  • Microbiological monitoring and evaluation
  • Scale and Fouling Monitoring
  • Utility Efficiency Studies
  • System Optimization Reviews
  • Engineering and Design Consultation
  • Laboratory Analysis (Water, Deposit, Metallurgical)
  • Physical and Chemical Cleaning
  • Feed and Control Equipment Specification, Design, & Installation
  • Safety and Right to Know Training and Support
  • Program Reviews and Audits
  • Operations Manuals and Procedures


"Complete Management of our Customer's Water Related Needs"